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Human Resources and Academic Personnel Support

SHARE partners with its units to provide Human Resources and Academic Personnel Support (HR/APS) including: hiring, appointments, separations, classifications, compensation, and performance management. 

SHARE provides HR advice and consultation in partnership with Central HR and Central Berkeley Regional Services, Controller’s office and UCPath Center.

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SHARE HR Deadline Calendar for 2022

Please see our SHARE HR deadline calendar for 2022 below. While many deadlines are already confirmed some deadlines may still be approximate. This is meant to be used as a tool to help our departments plan ahead when trying to account for important HR deadlines

Supervisor Contacts

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Supervisor ContactRoles and Responsibilities
Ana Sanchez - HR Manager SHARE Onboarding, Summer Session, Summer Salary, Sabbaticals, and Lecturers
Roxanne Polk - HR Supervisor HR Support for Academic, Staff, and Faculty Titles
Kathleen Tronnes - Purchasing & Payroll Supervisor Payroll & Timekeeping
Darryl San Pedro - HR Supervisor All ASE/GSR/Student Assistant Hiring, Visiting Scholars and Visiting Student Researchers
Veronica Potts - HR Supervisor

HR Support for Academic, Staff, and Faculty Titles

HR Partner/ HR Generalist Contacts

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Dept Code
HR PartnerHR Generalist
(Staff, Postdocs, Non-Senate and Academic Titles) (Students, ASE/GSR, Visiting Scholars/Researchers, Volunteers and Affiliates) *HR Supervisor for ALL HR Generalists is Darryl San Pedro
African American Studies SAAMS Connie Dolino James Seto
African Studies Center LAASC Jason Sharpe James Seto
Ancient Greek & Roman Studies LSCLA Nicole Villagran-Tartari Katherine Ju
Ancient History & Mediterranean Archaeology HTAHN Nicole Villagran-Tartari Katherine Ju
Anthropology SZANT Connie Dolino Mary Spenger
Archaeological Res Facility NSARF Andrea Martinez Mary Spenger
Art History HARTH Nicole Villagran-Tartari Jenniffer Cao
Art Practice LQAPR Ana Choc Iman Pour
Art Research Center NWARC Dianna Ayvar Katherine Ju
Arts & Humanities Dean's Office HHDNO Connie Dolino Jenniffer Cao
Beatrice Bain Research Group JVBRG Connie Dolino James Seto
Berkeley Language Center HBBLC Dianna Ayvar Callie Vue
Buddhist Studies HWBUD Nicole Villagran-Tartari Katherine Ju
CASMA INCAS Nicole Villagran-Tartari Katherine Ju
Celtic Studies HSCAN Danielle Molina Jenniffer Cao
Center for Effective Global Action CGEGA Jason Sharpe Callie Vue
Center for Interdisciplinary Critical Inquiry HYHRT Dianna Ayvar Jenniffer Cao
Center for Jewish Studies KDCJS Jason Sharpe James Seto
Center for New Music & Audio Technologies LXNMA Ana Choc James Seto
Center for Race and Gender KJCRG Andrea Martinez James Seto
Center Sexual Culture ATSSC Ana Choc James Seto
Centers and Museums/Magnes Museum KMCAM Dianna Ayvar James Seto
College Writing Programs QKCWP Danielle Molina James Seto
Comp. Lit and French Admin HKCLF Nicole Villagran-Tartari Jenniffer Cao
Comparative Literature HLCOM Darnell Tircuit Jenniffer Cao
Critical Theory CRTHE Connie Dolino Jenniffer Cao
Demography SDDEM Ana Choc Callie Vue
East Asian Languages & Cultures HGEAL Nicole Villagran-Tartari Katherine Ju
Economics SECON Danielle Molina Iman Pour
English HENGL Danielle Molina Katherine Ju
Ethnic Studies SBETH Connie Dolino James Seto
Film and Media HUFLM Nicole Villagran-Tartari Jenniffer Cao
France Berkeley Fund LUEUR Andrea Martinez Mary Spenger
French HFREN Darnell Tircuit Jenniffer Cao
Gender & Women's Studies SWOME Connie Dolino James Seto
Geography SGEOG Ana Choc Iman Pour
German HZGER Connie Dolino Jenniffer Cao
German Span & Port Admin HOGSP Connie Dolino Jenniffer Cao
History SHIST Dianna Ayvar Megan Salts
History of Science & Tech JYHST Andrea Martinez James Seto
Inst for South Asia Studies LHSAS Jason Sharpe Mary Spenger
Inst for Study of Societal Issues JAISI Andrea Martinez Mary Spenger
Inst for Study of Societal Issues Centers JAISC Andrea Martinez Mary Spenger
Inst International Studies LDINT Jason Sharpe Mary Spenger
Inst of Governmental Studies NUIGS Jason Sharpe Mary Spenger
Inst of Human Development NYIHD Jason Sharpe Katherine Ju
Inst of Personality Soc Res NVPSR Andrea Martinez Mary Spenger
Inst Research on Labor and Emp (IRLE) NZIIR Max Yearian Nicholas Bronson
Institute for European Studies LCIES Jason Sharpe Callie Vue
Institute of East Asian Studies LBEAS Jason Sharpe Mary Spenger
Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Lab QIIAS Ana Choc James Seto
Italian Scan and Slavic Admin HQISS Danielle Molina Jenniffer Cao
Italian Studies HITAL Danielle Molina Jenniffer Cao
L&S Deans' Office QALSD Darnell Tircuit Jenniffer Cao
L&S Undergraduate Advising QCADV Ana Chavez Nicholas Bronson
Latin American Studies LELAS Jason Sharpe Mary Spenger
Linguistics SLING Dianna Ayvar German Moran
Medieval Studies HPMED Darnell Tircuit Katherine Ju
Middle Eastern Studies LFMES Jason Sharpe Mary Spenger
Military Affairs Program QLROT Andrea Martinez Nicholas Bronson
Music HMUSC Connie Dolino (Staff)
Dianna Ayvar (Academic)
James Seto
Near Eastern Studies HNNES Dianna Ayvar Jenniffer Cao
Office of Undergraduate Dean's Office QBUDL Ana Chavez Nicholas Bronson
Office of Undergraduate Research QMRES Ana Chavez Nicholas Bronson
Office of Undergraduate Research Tch & Lrn QMRTL Ana Chavez Nicholas Bronson
Philosophy HCPHI Connie Dolino Jenniffer Cao
Political Science SPOLS Danielle Molina Katherine Ju
Psychology SYPSY Ana Choc(Staff)
Andrea Martine(Academic)
German Moran
Rhetoric HRHET Nicole Villagran-Tartari Jenniffer Cao
Rhetoric and Film Studies Admin LORFS Nicole Villagran-Tartari Jenniffer Cao
Scandinavian HSCAN Danielle Molina Jenniffer Cao
SHARE Regional Services AZESR Darnell Tircuit Darnell Tircuit
Slavic & East Euro LGSEE Jason Sharpe Mary Spenger
Slavic Languages and Literatures LTSLL Danielle Molina Jenniffer Cao
Social Science Data Lab DTLAB Jason Sharpe Iman Pour
Social Science Dean's Off SSSSD Darnell Tircuit Jenniffer Cao
Social Science Matrix SRIIS Roxanne Polk Mary Spenger
Sociology SISOC Ana Choc Callie Vue
South & Southeast Asian Studies HVSSA Nicole Villagran-Tartari Katherine Ju
Spanish & Portuguese LPSPP Connie Dolino Jenniffer Cao
Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies HDRAM Nicole Villagran-Tartari James Seto
Townsend Center for the Humanities LRTOW Dianna Ayvar Jenniffer Cao
Undergraduate & Interdisciplinary Studies QHUIS Ana Chavez Nicholas Bronson
Undergraduate & Interdisciplinary Studies Tch & Lrn QHUTL Ana Chavez Nicholas Bronson
Chemistry CCHEM Sarah Ferrufino

Alexander L. Asuncion - STDT, GSRs, Affiliates/Volunteers, Client Relationship 

Mary Spenger - ASEs (TAs, Readers, and Tutors)

Megan Salts - VS & VSR

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering CEEEG Kevina Mao Megan Salts
Space Sciences Lab JBSSL Anusha Joga(Academics)
Kim King(Staff)
Nicholas Bronson
College of Chemistry Dean’s Office CDCDN Veronica Potts Megan Salts
Kavli Institute OVKAV Darryl San Pedro Alexander L. Asuncion
Miller Institute JOMIL Veronica Potts Alexander L. Asuncion
Donner Lab ORDNN Darryl San Pedro Alexander L. Asuncion
Radio Astronomy Lab NPRAL Anusha Joga Nicholas Bronson