Senate Faculty Actions

Senate Faculty Process Timeline

Image of Senate Faculty Actions work flow

Submitter and Additional Contact will be notified when the UCPath transaction is live in the system

If the form is incomplete or needs additional clarification, your action will not be processed and an HR Representative will reach out to you.

Senate Faculty Actions Processing

Anytime entries
Steps Process
Step 1  Department completes Senate Faculty Action form to request an action to be entered.
Step 2  SHARE Operations team reviews the requests and enters the action via single entry or mass paypath into UCPath
Step 3 
UCPath is updated live and audited by the SHARE Operations teams 
Step 4  Department is notified the senate faculty action was processed and audits against AP Bears

Roles, Responsibilities and Resources for Senate Faculty Actions

Contact/Party Responsible


Dean’s office

  • Approves APBears Submission


  • Submits approved sabbatical form


Sarah Jarquin or Ana Chavez

  • Questions about how to submit a faculty action smartsheet request
  • Concerns about whether a faculty action is correctly reflected in UCPath
  • Contact them if a correction is needed for a faculty action that has not yet been processed in UCPath


  • Updates Position data corrections to already processed rows via inquiry submitted by SHARE