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SHARE Timekeepers ensure that bi-weekly and monthly pay are processed accurately and on-time. We work closely with HR and Central payroll to resolve any issues that may occur.

In order to ensure timely processing, please turn in your time via the appropriate method for your position (e.g. manual timesheet, CalTime, timekeeping tool). Time submission deadlines can be found on the payroll deadline calendar.

Payroll Contacts

SHARE Timekeepers:

Jacqueline Aldrete Vanegas

Jackie Gross

Jessica Saephan

Katelyn Duch

Email to reach the entire payroll team.

Who to Contact:

Search by Department to find your Timekeeper

To submit a manual Timesheet, please email

For questions regarding direct retros, please reach out to for assistance.

For general ledger questions, please reach out to the controller's office at for assistance.

For questions regarding composite benefits rates, please reach out to for assistance. 

For all other inquiries please submit a ticket in the HR Service Hub.

For Departments Processing Their Funding Changes and Direct Retros:

Funding changes:

Funding Entries (the "E-702") need to be entered, fully approved, and received by UCPath at least 1 day before pay confirm date in order to have an impact on that pay cycle.  Due to uncertainty around these factors, we encourage departments to have funding entries fully approved 3 days before the pay confirm date to minimize the risk of a failed export to UCPath.

Direct Retro entries:

There are no official deadlines and there is no way to predict when the DRs are processed by UCPath, returned to UCB, and applied to the financial ledgers.  In the majority of cases, direct retros which are submitted and received by UCPath are staged to be processed in the next scheduled payroll cycle (either biweekly or monthly), but may take additional time before the adjustments are reflected on UCB's financial ledgers.

UCPath Payroll

UCPath Payroll Information:

Manager Resources

Employees Resources

Navigation to common payroll-related screens for employees:

  • Add/Change Direct Deposit: UC Path > Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > Direct Deposit

  • Leave Balances (summary): UC Path > Dashboard 

  • Leave Balances (detail): UCPath > Employee Actions > Leave Balances Review

  • Review Paycheck: UC Path > Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > View Paycheck

  • Update/Verify Address: UC Path > Employee Actions > Personal Information > Personal Information Summary

All employees can use self service to:

  • Stop/reissue check

  • Ask questions on benefit deductions

  • Ask questions on payroll taxes or Safe Harbor

  • Update personal information (ex: address, demographics, veteran status, direct deposit) and emergency contact information

  • Ask questions about overpayments including questions about repayment plans, taxes, imputed income tax and deductions

How to use UCPath Employee self service:

Submit an inquiry via UCPath Portal -OR-

Call 1-(855) 982-7284 (Mon–Fri, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. PST) to speak with an associate.

UCPath Login


Login to CalTime(link is external)

Before each approval deadline, Supervisors and Delegates will receive a reminder email from Caltime detailing required actions.

Friendly Name/Transfer Code explanation - Employees with multiple jobs may need to use a transfer code (also known as a friendly name) to assign hours correctly in Caltime. You will need to work with your department / HR contact to determine which transfer code to use for each job, so that you are paid correctly.

Reader/Tutor Timesheets

Are you a Reader/Tutor who is paid monthly? You need to enter and submit your timesheet by each payroll deadline using

Typically, this is the case for monthly paid Lecturers who also hold a Reader/Tutor position. They would use the App as well as other titles with unique circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Contact your SHARE Regional HR Partner or Generalist for help.

Submit a Reader/Tutor Timesheet

Timesheet Deadlines

Job Aid for R/T Timesheets

Manual Timesheets

If you cannot access CalTime or another appropriate online timekeeping system, please print and submit a manual timesheet to your supervisor: 

MO Manual Timesheet

BW Manual Timesheet

ASE Student Dual Appt Timesheet