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Research Administration in SHARE

Image of the seven steps in a grant life cycle and a link to the Berkeley Research webpage

Here is how SHARE supports the Berkeley Research Grant Life Cycle(link is external)(above):

  • Grant Proposal Support:  SHARE Research Administrators work with faculty investigators to develop their grant applications, establish proposal submission timelines, develop proposal budgets, and keep track of the different administrative requirements needed to get grant applications approved by campus to submit to prospective grant sponsors.
  • Grant Negotiation Support: after faculty investigators are notified about newly awarded grant funding, we support the investigators during the contract negotiation process to get the grant agreement established between the funding sponsor and the UC Berkeley campus.
  • Financial Reporting and Grant Closeout: After grant funding is established, we maintain fiscal oversight for the sponsored project funding and provide monthly financial reports on the balances across the grant-funded projects. We also assist with the financial closing of grants as they approach the expiration date of the funded projects.

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Proposal Submission Support

Proposal Request Form

Please submit a request for proposal development a minimum of 10 days prior to the sponsor's deadline using the link above. The minimum of 10 business days provides sufficient time to assemble, organize, and route your application for internal, department-level approvals and Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) review. More time may be needed if you plan to work with collaborating partners that are external to UC Berkeley.

SPO is required to review and submit all UC Berkeley research proposals, regardless of sponsor. The proposal must also have the approval of the hosting unit. 

If a Research Administrator has not contacted you within 48 hours of submitted the form, please contact

Upon receipt of a your request for proposal support, we will review the submission requirements, keep track of the different required components of the application, and assist you with the development of your project budget. 

Find Your RA

Find Your RA

Faculty with active grants are assigned to Research Administrators (RA). To find out the assigned RA, please use either of the links below. Here is information about Phoebe Search.

Search by Department and Affiliated Faculty

Phoebe Search by Individual Investigator

PI Portfolio

Checking Fund Balances

Research Administrators provide monthly financial summaries for faculty who have active grants supported under the SHARE administrative region. PI Portfolio is the reporting system used at UC Berkeley to review budget, spending, projections and balances on faculty-managed funds.

Log in to PI Portfolio

The "Portfolio" tab provides summary balances for all funding assigned to a faculty member's Chartfield 2.  To view available balances for a Lead PI, regardless of Chartfield 2, toggle "Show balance based on" to "Total Award - Actuals".

Please reach out to your assigned Research Administrator if you need assistance interpreting the financial reports.



Funding changes:

Funding Entries (the "E-702") need to be entered, fully approved, and received by UCPath at least 1 day before pay confirm date in order to have an impact on that pay cycle.  Due to uncertainty around these factors, we encourage departments to have funding entries fully approved 3 days before the pay confirm date to minimize the risk of a failed export to UCPath.

Direct Retro entries:

There are no official deadlines and there is no way to predict when the DRs are processed by UCPath, returned to UCB, and applied to the financial ledgers.  In the majority of cases, direct retros which are submitted and received by UCPath are staged to be processed in the next scheduled payroll cycle (either biweekly or monthly), but may take additional time before the adjustments are reflected on UCB's financial ledgers.

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