Meet the Team

Meet The Team!

Learn a little about some of our Research Administrators, who are willing to share their information on our site. Those who opted in are listed in alphabetical order by last name:

Sarai Davis

As a Research administrator I like the fact that each day is different and the work environment is friendly and supportive. Interesting facts about me is I have a twin sister, and l love watching foreign films.

Daniel Ettlinger

I have worked in Research Administration for the last 12 years at UCB. The Research Administration job has involved as each year passes. Currently I am working with the Psychology department which is really exciting. I have always been interested in Psychology and the professors' research fascinates me. Outside of work I enjoy reading, spending time with family, and eating sweets (cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies are favorites).

Gaby Felix GarciaGaby Felix

I really enjoy working with PIs and their teams. I feel like my work directly contributes to their success and enables them to carry out the good work (i.e. world changing research). My background is in international law/relations, so my match up with CEGA has been very exciting. Working at Cal is extremely rewarding, and I am elated to work with such talented people.

Mira Guergova

I enjoy working with a wide variety of researchers, faculty, staff, administrators not only at UC Berkeley, but all over the country. I feel satisfied helping bright people do amazing things. I am always open to learn new skills and help others. Perhaps my greatest satisfaction is playing a part in grants being submitted and awarded. I grew up in Bulgaria, and when I finished high school I went to pursue my studies in France. I lived in Southern France for seven years and I am fluent in French.

Hannah Holloway

I have been an RA with UC Berkeley since 2012. It’s been an interesting journey finding this field, and I love that every day is different. Working in RA provides me with the opportunity to continuously learn and problem solve. I enjoy finding positive resolutions to unique challenges. I am an avid reader, love playing video games with my husband, and am terrified of spiders and creepy dolls.

Sallie Morton

I really enjoy getting to know the PI’s I work with, and learning about their specific research. There is so much more going on in the world beyond my everyday environment.  Learning this research widens, and enriches my life. I have been working at UCB since 2014.  I moved here from Syracuse; I worked at Syracuse University for 15 years prior to moving here. I relocated here to be closer to my daughter and grandchildren. I try to visit my family and friends back home once or twice a year – I also enjoy swimming, theatre and music.

Carrol O'Connell

I have been an RA for 12 years and still enjoy the path I am on; the constant challenge of a fast-paced career is exactly what I need.  I enjoy being a part of a team and working closely with my colleagues to accomplish mutual goals.   Away from work I love spending time with my family, swimming, sewing.

Thomas Pastis

I'm very happy with my role as a research administrator at Cal, as it allows me to work in the university's fast-paced and always innovative research environment.  I love that my role allows me to assist the university from which I graduated and facilitate the research of its prestigious faculty.

Andrew Scarbeary-Simmons

What I like about my role is that it interfaces with many different areas of the university which necessitates highly analytical problem solving skills to approach the varied and diverse set of responsibilities. Everyday is a new puzzle to solve. In my daily life I enjoy cooking and baking and balance out those calories with a love for hiking and crossfit.

Maggie Smith

What I enjoy about research administration is the chance to contribute to exciting work that’s making a positive impact in the world, and to work with skilled and intelligent people that care deeply about they do. Two things about me are that my first ever job was working at the City of Berkeley’s Tuolumne Camp near Yosemite, and that I love building Star Wars Legos with my son. 

Kristin Stangl

I have been working within or adjacent to the UCB College of Chemistry since 2007, and I am continually delighted and challenged by research administration. I especially enjoy learning a little about the amazing science and engineering happening around me. Outside of work, I am happiest gardening with my son, riding trains with my daughter, and curling up with a good book.

Nakia Talley

Working as an RA is challenging and rewarding at the same time. I like solving requests for my department as well as creating new wonderful working relationships with them. Teamwork truly makes the dream work! I am the mother of 2 and love interior design and all things real estate.

Anthony Walker

I like working as an RA, it brings daily challenges and problem solving. I enjoy interacting with the PI's assisting  with  the management of their Funds  on the administration side  of the Projects.  I enjoy working out at the Gym 4 to 5 days a week and watching Basketball and Football.

David Wolf

I love contributing to the research enterprise and working directly with professors and researchers who are leaders in their field. I enjoy being presented with a series of complex situations and helping PIs and staff navigate through the process and seeking optimal results for everyone. As RAs we are privileged to work with several different departments on campus allowing us to expand our knowledge of research administration and campus and sponsor policies.

 Sonya Wilson-Griffin

As an experienced RA for over 8 years, I enjoy interacting with the faculty and providing the most optimal way of approaching a situation to have a positive outcome. When a task is completed, I want the PI’s to walk away feeling assured the services I have provided were favorable. Some facts about myself, I am a mother of three beautiful children, I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science from Cal State Hayward, and I strive for excellence in my career at UC Berkeley.

Tsering Youdon

As a RA I see this opportunity as a way to contribute to an exciting and fast moving educational institution like (UCB). I also enjoy working closely with the PIs and their teams. Besides everyday I learn and experience something new. I enjoy hiking and I believe in sharing with needy people.