SHARE Onboarding

SHARE Onboarding

New Hire Timeline

General Information about SHARE Onboarding

Beginning January 2020, SHARE provides onboarding services directly to Staff and Academic Non-Senate Titles hired into the units served by our region. Please see this news article for more information. We will evaluate the service for continuation and expansion after the first few months, with these goals:

  • Improved Logistics - Employees may schedule their onboarding session on a weekday (Monday through Friday) between 10am - 3:30pm. Sessions will take place at a central campus location (2407 Dwinelle Hall).
  • Decreased Handoffs - The onboarding process will be performed and managed by SHARE region staff: hiring paperwork, compliance documents such as I-9 and the oath and patent. 
  • Increase Employee and Staff Satisfaction - We aim to provide a streamlined process that will be continuously improved to ensure new employee, hiring department and SHARE staff satisfaction.
  • Reduce Risk and Lost Productivity - We are working to increase compliance with federal, state and University policies, ensure timely pay and reduce the setup time for new employee access to campus systems.

What do I need to do to start my new job at UC Berkeley?

Here is a printable version of the checklists found at the following pages. You will not be able to access it through GoogleDocs until you have completed your onboarding process and setup your CalNet ID and passphrase. 

What do I need to do to get paid?


Access CalTime to enter and approve your hours, vacation, sick and other leaves. CalTime is the campus online timekeeping system used by most job titles (Readers/Tutors will use a different system noted on the right). You must enter and approve your hours by each payroll deadline.

Access CalTime

Reader/Tutor Timesheets

Are you a Reader/Tutor? You need to enter and submit your timesheet by each payroll deadline using

Submit a Reader/Tutor Timesheet

Timesheet Deadlines

Job Aid for R/T Timesheets

Manual Timesheets

If you cannot access CalTime or another appropriate online timekeeping system, please print and submit a manual timesheet to your supervisor: 

MO Manual Timesheet

BW Manual Timesheet

ASE Student Dual Appt Timesheet

Not sure how to submit your time?

If you are unsure what system to use for timekeeping, please ask your Supervisor, HR Partner or HR Generalist.