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December 18, 2019
We are writing today to provide more detailed information about the pilot we are launching in the SHARE Region as part of the Re-envision Onboarding ProjectBeginning January 2, 2020, our SHARE HR team will be providing Onboarding activities for select titles in the departments we support. Here is what you need to know:
What titles are included
  • Staff titles: Career, Contract, Limited appointment(s)
  • Visiting Employee Titles (Visiting Professors/Visiting Researchers)
  • Non teaching Academic Non-Senate Titles (including Postdocs)
The basics
The SHARE Onboarding pilot is part of a larger project, striving to have new employees be productive from their very first day and providing a higher touch service as well as  “welcoming” new employees to UC Berkeley. To do this:
  • We have revised the Onboarding processes to take less time and reduce handoffsA more in-depth look at those processes can be found here.
  • We willreduce the time it takes for new employees to get system access -- by getting their information entered into UCPath more quickly in order to generate their Employee ID number. 
  • We will begin facilitating SHARE Onboarding sessions at a location more centrally located -- 2407 Dwinelle Hall -- by members of our SHARE HR staff.
What’s not changing
  • The Smartsheet process for Spring 2020 ASE/GSR and Lecturer hireswill not change; we will continue to fine-tune those specific processes as we evaluate this pilot.
  • BRS Central Services Onboarding will continue to lead Onboarding efforts for these titles: Student Assistants, Visiting Scholars, and Visiting Student Researchers, ASE/GSR and Lecturers
  • Orientation for benefits, unions and anything handled by your department will continue as they do today.
What IS changing
  • Members of our SHARE HR teams will be able to make a more personal connection with your new employees by coordinating Onboarding activities from A-Z for the targeted titles -- they will communicate directly with those new hires, send the DocuSign package, coordinate Onboarding session registration, coordinate new employee steps with the UCPath Center (UCPC), and lastly, they will be handling the final hiring and compliance paperwork for your new staff by facilitating Onboarding sessions. 
Other details you need to know
  • With Senate Bill 698 on the horizon, the efforts of this project will also help to keep Berkeley compliant by reducing late-pay instances.
What is anticipated over the next several months
  • We will continue to make improvements to these processes in 2020 and using the SHARE Region experiences, look to expand this new process into other BRS regions. 
We are excited to work with you and your department(s) to make this a successful effort and improve the overall new employee experience. Please let us know if you have any questions or need additional assistance.
Best Regards and happy holidays, 
Teal Sexton, Ana Sanchez and Max Auffhammer
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