Before Your First Day

What to expect and what you need to do

1. DocuSign

You have been sent a DocuSign packet via email from A separate “Welcome email” was also sent from share_hiring@berkeley.eduwith instructions on how to complete your DocuSign and onboarding/hiring process. Check your spam if you have not received it.

Please complete your DocuSign packet as soon as possible so that we may initiate your hiring information in our system. The sooner the better!

2. “Section 1” and “Section 2” of your Tracker I-9 (Required employment authorization) and schedule an online onboarding session appointment

We are currently operating under remote conditions and you will be completing your Tracker I-9 via authorized representative. Please refer to your “Welcome email” to complete our Google Form with authorized representative information and to schedule an online onboarding session appointment within 48 hours 

You and your authorized representative will receive an email from also come from Check your spam if you have not received it.

Complete “Section 1” of your TRACKER I-9 as soon as you receive the email as this must be completed days prior to attending your online onboarding session appointment.

Please proceed to bring your identity/work authorization document(s) to meet with your authorized representative IN PERSON and complete “Section 2” remotely. For a list of acceptable work authorization documentation, please visit this website.

**Please note: As required for USCIS remote onboarding, please upload/attach photo(s) of your identity/work authorization to “Section 2” of your Tracker I-9. This documentation is required by federal law in order to be employed by the University. 

3. What to bring to your online onboarding session appointment

Valid, original (not copies) of identity/work authorization documents if documents were not uploaded/attached to “Section 2” for your Tracker I-9 

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