SHARE Summer Sessions

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Step 1: Department submits their summer sessions request via ehire to the summer sessions office.

Step 2: Once summer sessions office approves the appointment an offer letter is sent to the new hire via DocuSign. Summer sessions does the appointment analysis and determines if onboarding is needed.

Step 3: New hire signs offer letter via DocuSign, eHire is automatically updated and information passes to BRS smartsheet for processing

Step 4: BRS central onboarding will send a DocuSign to new hire. New hire needs to complete their DocuSign and onboarding by the deadlines below. If new hire does not complete their DocuSign by the deadlines, they may not have access by the first day of class and this may delay payment.

Step 5: SHARE HR will either process a concurrent hire or a new hire template and submit it to UCPath for approval.There may be delays for conflicting paygroups or FLSA.

Step 6: UCPath approves the templates and if this is a new hire, UCPath will issue an EID.

Step 7: New Hire or concurrent hire will receive an automated welcome email from smartsheet informing them of payroll instructions. Dept contact will be copied.

Step 8: Employee receives paycheck or direct deposit based on pay schedule below. If employee has delays in onboarding they will receive an off cycle check. Please note, there may be delays.

SHARE Summer Sessions Roles and Responsibilities

Contact Party Responsible

Service/ Action


  • Submits summer sessions hire request via Ehire

  • Ensures employee can work in the US

  • Ensures Lecturers are properly recruited

  • Coordinates visa requirements, if needed

Summer Sessions

Nicole Nakano

  • Approves summer sessions appointment

  • Issues summer sessions offer letter

  • Does appointment analysis to determine if new hire needs to onboard

New Hire

  • Completes the DocuSign, 

  • Schedules onboarding appointment, if needed

  • Completes I-9, if needed

  • Completes onboarding appointment, if needed

SHARE Summer Sessions Team

Sarah Jarquin

  • Completes template first and submits to UCPath for approval

  • Provides new hire a welcome email with EID

SHARE Onboarding Team

  • Sends new hire a DocuSign packet to complete

  • Completes remote onboarding session with new hire where they witness the Oath and audit I-9.