Student Assistant Hiring

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Step 1: Department places and approves the SA to be hired on the smartsheet or submit via ServiceNow. Position number must be accurate for vacant position. 

Step 2: SHARE Generalist will determine if the new hire needs to onboard or if the new hire can be entered into UCPath without onboarding. 

Step 3: If the new hire needs to onboard, Central Onboarding will send them a DocuSign packet and set up a remote onboarding appointment.

Step 4: New hire needs to complete onboarding by the first day of the academic semester. Late onboarding may require a damage payment or create an out of compliance I-9.

Step 5: In order for the I-9 to be compliant, the new hire needs to complete section 1 of their I-9 by their first day of work and section 2 needs to be completed no later than 3 business days after the new hire’s first day of employment.

Step 6: (Oath applies to US Citizens only): If the new hire completes their DocuSign (which includes the oath) after they have begun working, then they are subject to a damage payment if have a signed oath in the last 12 months.

Step 7: SHARE HR will either process a concurrent hire or a new hire template and submit it to UCPath for approval.There may be delays for conflicting paygroups or FLSA.

**Due to the short turnarounds for SAs this step will occur after onboarding**

Step 8: UCPath approves the templates. New hire will be issued an EID.

Student Assistant/ASE/GSR Deadlines for Summer & Fall 2022

Due Date

Action Required


SHARE will extend all ASE/GSR appointments through summer and place them on short work break. 

  • ASE/GSR appointments do NOT require a confirmed Fall appointment to be placed on SWB for up to 4 mos from Spring to Fall.


HR Generalists will send out end date reports for student assistants and ASE/GSR appointments.


Departments must inform their HR Generalist of any ASE/GSR employees that will not be returning to UCB as a result of graduation or other reasons they will be terminated on their appointment end date.

Departments must inform their HR Generalist of any student assistant terminations or extensions.

Lead time required: 3 weeks

Departments hiring Student Assistants and GSRs over the summer should submit their hiring request a minimum of three weeks prior to Student Assistant or GSR start dates.

Student Assistants can be placed on SWB for up to 4 months.


Departments need to complete all Fall 2022 ASE/GSR Smartsheet entries and approvals for timely 9/1 pay and 8/1 access.


ASE/GSRs must complete their DocuSigns in order to receive timely 9/1 pay and access before the semester starts.


*first day of semester

Departments ensure no employees should begin working until they have completed onboarding to avoid damage payments.

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Roles, Responsibilities and  Resources for Student Assistants

Who to contact 



  • Identifies which student they would like to hire

  • Creates new position number or updates vacant position number

  • Request to change fte, supervisor, pay rate if the position is filled

  • Funding changes associated to a position number

  • Submits ServiceNow case or completes smartsheet row

    • A ServiceNow case should be used for Student Assistant hires that require a background check

SHARE HR Generalist

  • Process SIS awards for pre-approved ORUs

  • Work study 

  • Process terminations

  • Process hiring

  • Coordinate and process changes needed to a student appointment if there is an FLSA/paygroup conflict and notify the student 

  • Guidance on damage payments

  • Initiate overpayments and provide information on why overpayment occurred and gross amount was derived.

  • HR Generalist can respond to questions about:

    • How to submit your appointment on smartsheet/ service now

    • Short work break

    • Onboarding

    • Employee’s paychecks

    • Position numbers

    • End dates

    • General questions about timekeeping tools. Specific questions need to be routed to

People and Culture

Student Assistants are covered by PPSM, therefore we consult with people and culture for ER issues such as:

  • Job abandonment

  • Performance issues

UCPath Center

  • Overpayment collection process and questions about overpayment letter totals or overpayment deductions, contact UCPath Center

  • Stop payment and reissuance of checks 

  • Change of address requests via self service

  • Direct Deposit

  • Questions about paycheck deductions