FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) Compliance

What do I need to know?

  • FLSA Status of a job is either Exempt or Non-Exempt, but this does not determine if a job is paid Hourly or Salaried. 
  • Pay Schedule for a job is either Bi-Weekly (BW) or Monthly (MO).
  • Pay Group determines if a job is paid Hourly or according to a Salary. 

To be compliant, Pay Schedule (BW or MO) and FLSA Status (Exempt or Non-Exempt) need to be the same for all the jobs held by a given Employee. 

Pay groups may differ, meaning they can be a mix of salaried and hourly, so long as all jobs have the same Pay Schedule and FLSA Status. 


  1. Students who have a GSI/GSR 50% MO Exempt Salaried appointment can have a Reader/Tutor 25% MO Exempt Hourly appointment as an exceptional case.
    1. Note that MO Hourly employees may need to project hours in the last 10-12 days of the pay period, depending on timekeeping deadlines. 
If you have any additional questions about FLSA Compliance, please reach out to your HR Generalist.