Purchasing and Reimbursements


USE THIS RESOURCE to find out how to purchase something based on what it is. It includes both goods and services.

USE THIS LIST to search by type of good/service for any contract that can be applied to purchases which bypass the need for most additional forms and approvals! 


Reimbursements (excluding students and visitors) must be submitted via direct entry

If you would like to prepare reimbursements for someone else, here is a handout that explains how to become a "preparer."

Purchasing Team

Names link to their campus directory listing for contact information.

Who do I contact with questions or escalations? 
Kathleen Tronnes, Supervisor
Who is processing my transactions? 
Arts & Humanities
Miriam Zavala
Social Sciences - Purchasing
Johann Yopp
Social Sciences - Reimbursement
Miriam Zavala
Undergraduate Division
Johann Yopp
Organized Research Units
Patricia Franco

Email share_purchasing@berkeley.edu if you have any questions or to submit a change order.

Helpful Tips and Guides

Purchasing Goods

If you need to buy something, please use BearBuy!

Purchases under $1000 are auto-approved; under $10,000 catalog orders are auto-approved.

To set up BearBuy ONCE and make it nearly as easy an Amazon afterwards, here is a guide to creating BearBuy default values.

After you set up your default values, here is another guide to show you how to shop in BearBuy going forward. 

Purchasing Services

Do not purchase services with your credit card. Credit cards may provide faster payment, but create MUCH more administrative burden.

Purchase services by creating an advanced Purchase OrderPick from the many vendors in BearBuy to save time. Purchase orders under $1K will be auto approved. Select urgent on the cart and submit by 2pm for emergency processing. Computerland of Berkeley is popular for a same-day laptop fix!  

What is a service? Paid labor performed by another person such as laptop repairs, bookstore operation, transcription, translation, use of security guards, transportation, computer programming, clothing rental and cleaning, tests and analysis, film processing, and service and repairs to: office equipment, transportation equipment, laboratory and medical equipment, and musical instruments.

Creating Receipts

A receipt is required for automated processing. Please create a receipt in BearBuy.

Here is a friendly list of Account Codes to help you pick the right one. These are the top five MOST frequently used:

55030 office supplies
55040 general supplies
55016 lab supplies
55101 computer supplies
56729 services

Typical Processing Times

  • Catalog orders under $10K and non-catalog orders under $1K that are filled out correctly will be auto approved same day! Visit BearBuy training courses to learn how to submit orders correctly. 
  • Other requests will typcially be processed within 10 days from when the Requisition is submitted to when the PO is created. This time includes RA and Org node approvals. 
  • Vouchers, including those that much be handled manually because there is no receipt, will be approved within 10 days and pay out after 30 days. Please note: Checks for approved vouchers are currently run ONLY on WEDNESDAYS due to the pandemic.