Reimbursements (excluding students and visitors) must be submitted via direct entry(link is external)

If you would like to prepare reimbursements for someone else, here is a handout(link is external) that explains how to become a "preparer."

If you have access, please submit using the direct entry reimbursement system is external).  

When you cannot use Direct Entry for Reimbursements

If you are a Student or Visitor, or if you are a department admin without the travel preparer role in the reimbursement system and need to submit a travel reimbursement for students or visitors, please submit the reimbursement request via email to sends e-mail) as follows: 


Receipts are required for airfare, rental car, conference fees, and any single expense of $75 or more.

Along with receipts, include in the email: 

  1. Traveler name & Department if you are emailing on behalf of someone else

  2. Business purpose for the trip

  3. Date and time the traveler left home or work location

  4. Date and time traveler returned to home or work location

  5. List of any purchases under $75 without a receipt

  6. Chartstring

  7. Total amount expected to be reimbursed

Travel Policy in a Nutshell: is external)

Domestic Per Diem Rates: is external)

Federal Per Diem Rates: is external)


Departments can email receipts to sends e-mail) and include the following:

  1. Business justification

  2. Host name

  3. Type of event (Business meeting, employee morale, recruitment etc.)

  4. Attendee list

You will receive an email when our team starts to process your request and confirmation once the reimbursement has been submitted. You may receive a Docusign request to approve any reimbursement or changes, our team will notify you via email first.