Follow up from our Spring Meeting

April 27, 2023

Hello SHARE Region,

Thank you to those of you that met with us this last Wednesday for our Spring meeting. Below are some useful resources from our meeting.

  • Here is the meeting recording of the Spring meeting on 4/19/2023

  • Also, there were many questions left unanswered, so we have included the complete Q & A.

  • We received a lot of questions about when to use title codes for appointment letters and smartsheets. To simplify this, we ask that you use the title codes from the “Job Title” column on smartsheet so long as they are not red. If the title code turns red then you should not yet use that title code on your letters or on the smartsheet. Work with your HR Generalist if you need more guidance.

Here are all of the presentations from our meeting:

Smartsheets will be released between 4/27-4/28.

The Senate Faculty Actions smartsheets have been released and shared to your department contacts. You can review the SFA process on the SHARE website

Have a great weekend!


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