Timely Action Required: New Guidance on ASE/GSR Titles and Updated Smartsheet Instructions

July 24, 2023

Dear SHARE Region,

UCOP has issued new guidelines for ASE/GSR salary setting, in particular the requirement for subsuming any top-up payment made for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

If you have questions and would like to request a meeting for your department, please reach out as soon as possible to: Veronica H. Garcia at vhgarcia@berkeley.edu

Please email questions about the Top-Up guidance to: techguidance-apo-elr@berkeley.edu.

Each student will need to be reviewed and updated using the guidelines and calculators embedded in the new guidance. At this time, you only need to enter the step placement for August and September, and any above scale component of pay for those months. Information about the 10/1 changes will be communicated and new instructions related to those changes will be coming in the next few weeks. 

To be sure we are entering your most accurate and current request, we ask that you please complete the column on the smartsheet labeled “REVERIFY salary w/new UCOP guidance” after you are certain of the information for that row.

SHARE will use this column as the final approval to update your ASE/GSR appointments with your most recent changes. Here are some important considerations when completing this column:

  • Please complete the column so that we know that a final review has been completed.

  • Approve the column when there will not be any changes to the appointment. In the event an unexpected change is needed, please contact your HR Generalist as soon as possible. 

  • We will process appointments after the reverification column is complete. 

  • SHARE will process these via mass upload and you can track the progress of the mass upload by looking at the “Reverify Salary Mass Upload” column that will be updated by BRS.

  • Please evaluate each student and save the information you use to calculate their correct salary step and above scale component, when applicable.

Please enter requests by Friday, August 11th for a 9/1/23 pay date.

After processing these appointments, we will audit the UCPath data to ensure data integrity. 

We acknowledge the extra work and stress you are feeling this year and appreciate your partnership. 

Thank you,

Teal, Ana and the SHARE HR Team

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