SHARE Purchasing August Newsletter

August 4, 2023
SHARE Purchasing August 2023 Newsletter

Updates from SHARE Purchasing,

Effective immediately, the option to purchase Amazon gift cards via the Bearbuy Punchout catalog has been blocked. Previously, some of these transactions were automatically approved, but we have encountered issues with Amazon refusing to fulfill these orders. To ensure compliance with our standard practices, all gift card purchases from Amazon should be made using a Blucard.

If your department does not possess a Blucard, you may submit a request in Bearbuy by utilizing the Non-Catalog Items form. Please select "Blucard tracking" as the vendor, and our SHARE purchasing team will handle the procurement for you. When submitting the request, kindly attach a spreadsheet containing the list of recipients, their email addresses, their affiliation with the UC, and a clear business justification for each gift card.

For bulk purchases, we request that you also include your department/lab policy or project outline, detailing the purpose of the gift cards and appropriate approval documentation. Additionally, it is the responsibility of each department to maintain accurate records of gift card recipients.

Coming Soon Unauthorized Purchase Justification

Supply Chain Management is implementing a more efficient process for settling invoices related to purchases made outside of the established purchasing policy. Further details regarding this streamlined approach will be communicated by the SCM team once it becomes operational. To stay informed about the latest developments, please refer to the designated page here. Please note that the form on that page will also be updated to align with the new process.

We have observed that several requisitions are currently experiencing delays at various automated steps, including PR Validation, PR Export, or Create PO. If your requisition happens to be stuck at any of these stages, please send an email or leave a comment to, indicating the step at which it is stuck.

Please take a moment to review the "Past Due Vouchers" spreadsheet, which contains a list of invoices that are currently 30 days or more past due. For your convenience, the accounting date has been included as well. We have noticed that some of these invoices were recently vouchered. Your assistance in resolving these past-due vouchers is highly appreciated.

Moving forward, we plan to update and distribute this spreadsheet on a monthly basis to ensure we stay on top of any overdue invoices. We extend our gratitude to all those who respond in Bearbuy or via email to help clear these outstanding invoices.

Past Due Vouchers

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