Recent updates to SHARE Smartsheet GSR Letters

June 23, 2023

Dear GSAOs and Department Managers,

We want to thank all of you that helped provide feedback, as we continue to work on refining the GSR letter process. I want to clarify with you important information you should know when generating GSR letters. Please refer to this document to see the overall process for GSR letters and triggers and reminders associated with GSR letters.

Please see the changes that are effective immediately. We hope they will help with the overall experience of issuing GSR letters.

  • We now require that the GSAO and RA need to provide their approval on a hire row, before a GSR letter is successfully sent.

  • We have updated the ASE/GSR form to request GSAO email instead of GSAO name. This will generate contact validation on the smartsheet and allows the letter to be sent without having to change the format of the name.

  • A notification is now sent to the GSAO when a DocuSign letter has been sent to the GSR.

  • A notification is now sent to the GSAO when a GSR has been successfully added to UCPath and their GSR letter has still NOT been signed.

  • We have added a “Clear GSR Letter Status”column. This column should be checked when a letter did not successfully send and it needs to be resent.  

  ***If you have issues, contact your HR Generalist.

  • By checking this box, it will clear all fields

  • Hit the save button

  • Fill in all of the cleared fields

  • Manually re-check the “Send GSR letter” box and save.

  • If the GSR letter status is blank and the Send GSR letter column box is checked, then the Letter status cell will turn red.

Our next round of changes will not happen until late September/early October. Please complete the form below for specific feedback you would like us to consider.

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Thank you,


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