Lecturer Smartsheet Entries

May 5, 2023

Dear SHARE Region, 

As you begin to enter lecturer appointment requests on the Smartsheet, we wanted to clarify the entry process regarding steps/points and salaries. 

Since the salaries listed on the appointment letters are inclusive of the range adjustment, SHARE would like for departments to enter whatever is on the appointment letters onto the Smartsheet. We are uncertain of when the new IX salary scales for 2023-2024 will come out, but in the meantime: 

  • For all lecturer appointments in UCPath: 

    • Please enter the salary that's listed on the appointment letter in the Smartsheet (NO step/point).

Following the same process as last year, once the range adjustment has been applied to lecturer records, BRS will run CalAnswers and Smartsheet reports to compare salary data. If what was entered on the Smartsheet doesn't match to what's in UCPath post range adjustment, then Sarah and I will update records individually in UCPath. Last year, the range adjustment took place at the beginning of July, so we're anticipating the same timeframe for this year. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to drop in to our office hours next Monday, May 8th from 2:00PM - 3:00PM. 


Danielle & Sarah

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