Lecturer End Date Report: Action Needed

April 28, 2023

Dear SHARE Region,

We are getting ready to process Lecturer separations. In an effort to ensure that we do not end lecturer appointments that you intend to reappoint, we ask that you please take a few minutes to review the Lecturer End Date report and inform us what action is required for the appointment by completing column A.

If we do not receive a response by the end of week, May 26, 2023, we will set all appointments on the list to auto term, meaning they will be terminated at the conclusion of the appointment. If you let us know past the deadline above, this may require reinstatement of employment and benefits for an employee. Reinstatements can take up to 2 weeks to resolve and may impact benefits.

As a reminder SHARE does not keep track of continuing lecturer appointments. If you have continuing lecturers' job codes (1637, 1631, and 1641) that need FTE changes per semester please let us know and double check these records in your department to ensure they are correct. We would like to avoid overpayments moving forward and ask that you help us audit records post UCPath completion. While we do internal audits sometimes retroactive actions to a record can cause unintended data changes and this also serves as a reminder in case you forgot to submit an fte change.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us, Sarah and Danielle

Thank you,

Sarah & Danielle

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