July Payroll Client Newsletter

July 6, 2023

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 Dates to Remember  

B2 PPE 6/25/23 – 7/8/23

  • Saturday 7/8/23– BW Pay Period Ends / BW Employee Timecard Approval
  • Monday 7/10/23 – Supervisor Bi-Weekly CalTime Approval by 12:00 PM

B1 PPE 7/9/23-7/22/23

  • Saturday 7/22/23– BW Pay Period Ends / BW Employee Timecard Approval
  • Monday 7/24/23 – Supervisor Bi-Weekly CalTime Approval by 9:00 AM

MO PPE 7/1/23-7/31/23

  • Tuesday 8/1/23 – Employee MO CalTime Approval
  • Thursday 8/3/23 – Supervisor MO CalTime Approval (Due by 5:00 PM)

 SHARE Payroll News and Guidelines  

Payroll Office Hours in July

For July, we are once more combining HR and Client Office hours. There will be a payroll representative available to answer any questions you may have.

Please join us on Tuesday, July 18th at 2:00 PM. Zoom link to follow.

We are always interested in having more subject-matter focused office hours. If you have a subject or question that you would like to see covered, please submit them to the SHARE Payroll Team at share_payroll@berkeley.edu with the subject line: “Office Hours Idea” so we can get a sense of what you, the clients, would be interested in learning about as the year progresses.

Timesheet Submission Guidelines

Supervisors, please remember to review all manual timesheets carefully.

All identifying information (Name, EID – not student ID, job title, and department) must be filled out, along with required signatures, prior to submission to timesheets attached to cases and tasks in ServiceNow as well as those submitted through share_payroll@berkeley.edu.

CalTime and Friendly Names

Please review CalTime submissions to make sure all correct Friendly Names are being used before signing off.

 SHARE Payroll Resources  

Looking for SHARE Payroll?

Reach out to SHARE payroll at share_payroll@berkeley.edu. All timesheets and payroll information requests should go to this address and not CSS timesheets.

Another great resource is the SHARE Payroll and Timekeeping website (https://shareregion.berkeley.edu/regional-services/payroll-timekeeping). In addition to timesheet information, there are also helpful links to employee and manager resources that will help make payroll a little easier. All payroll tasks and cases go through ServiceNow.  

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