January News from SHARE

January 22, 2021

Dear Teal:

I think we can now safely say, Happy New Year! There is a vaccine rolling  out, the inauguration was peaceful and everyone is now back to work, albeit remote for the foreseeable future. 

In the interest of giving you plenty of advance notice, please see this article referencing the early memo that APO sent out about Summer Salary deadlines. The earlier the better for this annual flurry of complex activity. 

We are occasionally experiencing errors at UCPath Center or making them ourselves (afterall, we are human), and there are also system-generated errors within UCPath itself, particularly for academic titles. When these result in payroll or benefits issues, they sometimes take a long time to resolve. Please start with the UCPath Center to inquire about Payroll and/or Benefits issues and then loop us in if they are not getting resolved. You can call UCPath directly at 1(855) 982-7284 or submit an online inquiry.

When you contact us, we diligently work on your employees’ behalf to track these through resolution. Unfortunately all we can do is keep calling down there… we have no power over the system itself. These are being escalated to the highest levels when our team’s efforts are not successful. 

We are represented on the UCPath Advisory Committee, where Teal is advocating for better visibility into work notes and more systems expertise at the UCPath Center. This will take time and we appreciate your patience. 

We hope you all have a good start to 2021!


Teal and Max

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