Introducing GSR hiring support for our ORUs

July 5, 2023


Please cascade this message to anyone in your ORU that will be hiring GSRs.

With the implementation of a new GSR contract, we have identified the need for ORUs to receive additional support and consultation when choosing to appoint a GSR. GSR appointments previously did not have to adhere to a labor contract. In an effort to mitigate the risk of grievances and ensure compliance to the new GSR BR union contract, we have assigned a resource and additional level of review when appointing a GSR. 

We ask that you please join us in welcoming Judith Gallegos, who will be a resource for ORUs when appointing GSRs.

Effective July 6, 2023 we ask anyone from an ORU requesting to appoint a GSR to complete the following steps:

Step 0: Plan ahead. With the implementation of the new contract, there is an additional level of review and coordination with the GSR’s home academic department to ensure that eligibility, % of appointment, classification and salary setting are in accordance with the contract. This takes time, therefore we want to reiterate that GSR requests need to be submitted 3 weeks in advance of the GSR’s start date.

Step 1: Complete your designated SHARE ORU smartsheet form

Step 2: Try to complete the form to the best of your ability and if you need a consultation or assistance with completing the form, please contact Judith Gallegos. She will be happy to assist you with completing the form or answering any questions.

Step 3: Judith will review the request for completion and will coordinate with the GSR’s home academic department for correct eligibility, classification and placement.Please note that if the GSR’s home academic department’s salary is higher than the proposed salary, if the % of the appointment needs to be increased or if the appointment dates need to be extended, Judith will work with the funding approver.

Step 4: Once Judith has approved the GSAO section of the smartsheet and the RA or FA has approved the funding section, the hire can then move forward for processing with the HR Generalist in your region.

Current HR Generalist Support

Your respective HR Generalist will continue to support you on the hiring process for GSRs by processing the requests that have been approved by Judith. If you have specific questions about the hiring timeline, onboarding, and the status of the request after Judith has approved the appointment, please contact your respective HR Generalist contact

We realize that with this new GSR BR contract there is now a new level of complexity that will require more time and attention. Here is a quick list of basic appointment requirements as a result of the recent contract that can help you prepare for hiring your GSR.

If you have any escalations about this new role, please contact me directly at

Thank you,

Ana Karla
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