Important HR Updates for AP Analysts and GSAOs

April 16, 2023

Dear SHARE Region,

We have some important HR updates to share with you about upcoming deadlines.

Lecturer Deadlines:

Sarah Jarquin is back from leave and will be spearheading our Lecturer hiring efforts for the SHARE Region along with Danielle Molina this year. Please note that we will not be creating a new smartsheet this year.

Due Date


Departments Actions


Will deliver a presentation on ASE/GSR and Lecturer hiring.

All departments with Lecturer titles should attend the Lecturer component. See the details for meeting info below:

Date: Wednesday April 19th

Where: 370 Dwinelle

Time: 11:10am-12pm

Zoom link:



Lecturer appointment letters should be sent out to Lecturers with a 7/1 or 8/1 start date


SHARE will send end date reports on Friday, April 28th for: 

  • Temp Aug/ Supplemental appointments (these will automatically end at the conclusion of the appointment, if not responded to)

  • All other active Lecturer appointments (TC1630 & 1636) and will be automatically terminated if there is no response.

Review all of your end date reports sent to you and reply to the document sent to you to let BRS know what action to take by 5/26/2023.


  • Last day to add any lecturer appointments and reappointments with a 7/1 start date to the smartsheet for BRS processing. 


  • Last day to add any new lecturer appointments with a 8/1 start date to the smartsheet for BRS processing.

ASE/GSR Spring meeting Information:

Please invite any of your department staff that process ASE/GSR appointments.  We will be reviewing changes to the smartsheet as a result of the new contracts and we will have some fun prize opportunities!!!

See the details for the Spring HR meeting below:

Date: Wednesday, April 19th

Where: 370 Dwinelle or you can join by zoom

Time: 10:00am-11:00am

Remote Option Zoom link:

Important Retirement Information:

  • Employees in the 1976 Retirement Tier are eligible for the Inactive Cost of Living Adjustment with a minimum of one business day not on active pay status prior to July 1st, and should have a:

    • Last day worked on June 29, 2023

    • Termination effective Date: June 30, 2023

    • Emeritus Effective Date: July 1, 2023 (Faculty Only)

  •  Employees in the 2013 and 2016 Retirement Tiers, their separation date should be June 30, 2023. These employees will be eligible for the COLA after receiving benefits for one year, starting the following July 1st.  

  •  Rehire retirees who received the inactive COLA when they retired will not be eligible for another COLA. Their last day therefore should be June 30th, 2023. 

  • Please remember that retirees cannot be rehired for a minimum of 31 days and any preferably after they have received their first pension payment. Please refer to the process guide for all the details.

  • Rehire retirees MUST be approved by the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and this takes up to 10 business days to approve. For a full presentation on rehire retirees, check out this video!

Faculty Hiring:

If you have not already done so, please submit a ServiceHub case with your Faculty hiring request. Please refer to our Faculty Hiring page for more details. Please do not forget to provide new faculty with their Faculty Administrative Handbook. Be sure to download a copy and make edits to customize to your department.  Also, here is a welcome video to SHARE HR for all of our Faculty.

Thank you,
Ana Karla
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