ASE/GSR Smartsheets Inaccurate Estimate Costs

August 11, 2023

Dear SHARE Region,

Recently we have been receiving some questions about the accuracy of the columns below on the smartsheet. If you or any of your staff are using the columns for planning or forecasting, please read the message below:
Image of Smartsheet columns referenced below
We have adjusted the column with the "Estimated Fees Cost" to reflect accurately based on the  information provided from the Fee Schedule and the information on Fee Remissions
Unfortunately, the column with the "Estimated Salary Costs" is not accurate and this year it will NOT accurately reflect estimated salary costs due to all of the changes to salaries based on the experience salary setting and range adjustments that will take place in October. As a result, the "Estimated Total Cost" is also likely inaccurate. This year we encourage you to determine your own estimated salary costs based on the information you have for your graduate students.
Thank you,
Ana Karla
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