Action Required: Federal Form I-9 is due ASAP

August 9, 2023

Good Afternoon, 


We were informed you have been receiving multiple notices regarding your I-9 reverification from ucberkeleyi9verification@berkeley.eduCheck your spam box in case emails were sent there by mistake

They have still not heard from you regarding the federal mandate to have your work authorization documents (i.e., ID) physically (re-) inspected in order for you to remain compliant. Failure to take any action may impact your continued employment with UC Berkeley.

We are trying to help you complete this as soon as possible. Below are the actions you need to take:

Action #1:Use this google form (READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE FORM) to let us know which physical re-verification method you intend to use. Either identify an Authorized Representative (Other than yourself) to physically inspect your documents or you can request an in-person appointment at 1608 Fourth St. in Berkeley.

***Alternatively, we will be hosting a weekend drop-in session this Saturday, August 12th from 8:15am to11:30am at 1608 Fourth St. Berkeley CA. No appointment is needed. You just need to show up with your original work authorization documents presented when you were first hired (No copies). Take advantage of this opportunity as this is the easiest way to complete your I-9! There is plenty of free street parking because we are off campus and we are 2 minutes from highway 80's University exit.

Action #2: Either re-verification method must be completed by August 25, 2023 in order to not receive a notice of intent to terminateThis means that if you select an authorized agent, they must physically inspect your documents by the above deadline or at least as soon as possible. If you decide to go to an in person appointment, this must be scheduled as early as possible. UC Berkeley uses an online Form I-9 system and no longer uses or accepts paper Form I-9s.

Action#3:Communicate with us! If you think that you will need an extension or need more guidance, we encourage that you reach out to

Failure to comply by the deadline comes with significant impacts. For the University, non-compliance comes with hefty fines per employee and potential risk to federal funding. For the impacted employee,non-compliance jeopardizes their systems access and ultimately, continued employment after August 30, 2023.

As a measure of noncompliance of this Federal mandate, you can expect the following:

  • August 21, 2023: Any individuals who have not yet completed the verification will receive the Notice of Intent to Terminate (NOIT).

  • Between August 21-30, 2023: Individuals will have one final opportunity to complete the re-verification and/or respond to the NOIT during this timeframe.

  • August 24, 2023: this is the last day individuals can submit an authorized representative request. After this date, all re-verifications can only be completed in person on Fourth St. with an HR representative.

  • August 30, 2023: The last day worked for any individuals who have not yet completed the re-verification. 

  • August 31, 2023: The effective date of the employee’s termination.

If you have any questions or concerns please refer to this frequently asked question (FAQ) document for general information. For further questions, email

The Berkeley I-9 Re-verification Team and your SHARE HR Team

Thank you,
Ana Karla
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