7/1/24 Retirements and Rehire Retiree Requests

June 7, 2024

Hello SHARE Colleagues,

As many upcoming 2024 retirements are approaching, we would like to provide you with some retirement and rehire retiree reminders. 

7/1/2024 Retirement Reminders:

  • If you have retirement requests for employees, we encourage you to submit a ServiceHub case as early as possible so that we can start processing their separation and final pay.

    • For guidance on retirement dates for the UCRP1976 Tier COLA, please see this job aid

    • For any 7/1/24 retiree, please ask employees to complete and approve their June timecard by 6/14/24 so we can process final pay timely.

2024 Rehire Retiree Reminders:

Guidelines to keep in mind for rehire retirees:

  • Retired employees must not be reemployed until there has been a break in service of at least 30 days, but preferably 90 days (to allow for them to receive their first pension payment)

  • When rehiring a retiree, you need to present a University need, such as knowledge transfer, continuity of an ongoing project, failed replacement recruitments.

  • When a retired employee is rehired to temporarily fill a career position, the following apply:

    • Same position held before retirement or another vacant career position

    • Job must be posted

    • Minimum 30-day recruitment period must be held

  • All rehire retiree appointments are subject to a maximum 43% fte (the effort percentage of their appointment)

  • Initial rehire retiree request cannot exceed a total of 12 cumulative months

Process tips for rehire retirees:

For additional resources, including a job aid on how to complete the approval packet, please see below:

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Karla Sanchez
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