Damage Payment Information

❗❗❗ Damage Payment Impact to Employees

Damage payments will likely delay an employee's pay and may temporarily impact their service credit. For student titles, please notify your HR representative 10 business days in advance to the student’s start date. For all other titles, please consult with your HR Representative to ensure the position is classified correctly and you can move forward in the hire/recruitment process. No employee should begin working without having completed onboarding with SHARE HR to ensure their I-9, Oath , and Patent are completed and compliant.

Damage payments will require that Supervisors and/or departments complete and sign damage payment forms and submit manual timesheets as needed.

State Oath of Allegiance and Patent Agreement 

Employees are required to attend an onboarding session before they begin work to complete and sign the State Oath of Allegiance and Patent Agreement forms as they require witness signatures.

The State Oath of Allegiance isonly required for U.S. Citizens.

Employees, including students (U.S. Citizens) who perform work prior of completing the Oath of Allegiance, a Damage Payment will be required. 

Please note:This is not a SHARE process or requirement - it is a State requirement enforced by the UC Office of the President.

These forms require the hiring department to enter the following information:

Employee's UCPath ID number - Employee ID or EID

Name - Last, First and Middle Initial

Start Date -  this is the first day they worked

End Date - this is the last day they worked before they signed the Oath (i.e. oath signed 11/6, so this date is 11/5 or earlier)

Total Hours - add up all the days they worked before signing the Oath (i.e. if they worked full time for a week, this would be 40 hours). Visit the biweekly payroll calendar(PDF file) to see the working hours and days in each month, which can be used to help calculate the hours for any employee. 

Hourly Rate  - all employees have an Hourly Pay Rate. To find this, visit this link(link is external) and change the date to the current date, delete the "-" from "Parent Org Node Code" and enter the applicable Employee ID into it's filter, then click Apply to retrieve the results. You'll find the "Hourly Pay Rate" column in the middle of the report. 

Amount Due - multiply the Total Hours by the Hourly Rate and enter the amount. Please note that in some cases, the employee has already been paid this amount. This information is still needed for documentation and they will not be paid twice. 

Date Oath of Allegiance Signed - this is their onboarding date

Explanation - comment on why the employee started working before attending onboarding

Approval Signatures - the department must sign the form, adding their title and phone number before saving and returning to the HR Partner or Generalist who will route the form for the Chancellor/Administrative Officer signature. This part is not the responsibility of the department.