SHARE Onboarding Location

SHARE Onboarding Office

Directions to 2407 Dwinelle

After you enter the North Entrance to Dwinelle Hall, which also says "Ishi Court" and faces California Hall, you will immediately take a left. 

Walk to the end of the hall and then take a right (the only way you can go) and 2407 will be only a few feet down the hall. 

Look for signs for SHARE Onboarding with arrows that point the way. 

Below are images that show the route to Dwinelle Hall's North Entrance. It is too easy to get lost in Dwinelle Hall if you enter on any other side of the building! 

Coming from Downtown Berkeley Bart

Coming from Telegraph/Bancroft

Map from telegraph to Dwinelle Hall

When you are walking up from Oxford Street, facing the Campanile

Video Directions from Telegraph to SHARE onboarding office in Dwinelle Hall

From Telegraph to Dwinelle